Several years ago God opened the door for our church to be involved in the work of the Lord in South East Asia, It was both exciting and challenging as our previous Pastor and his wife journeyed to a country that was not supportive of Christianity, and where they faced the challenge of a different and difficult language.

Proverbs 3:5-6 ‘trust in the Lord with all your heart’ was a foundational aspect of our missionary venture. We have co laboured with the Lord and watched as He has consistently shown His faithfulness to His Word. It has been our privilege to meet and serve local churches throughout this particular place the Lord has sent us. Our vision was clear, we went over to serve and support the local Pastors and their work within a persecuted country, and the Lord has shown Himself strong on our behalf.

We have been able to purchase a new motorbike for the Head Pastor, as he clocks up many miles traveling and witnessing. We are seeing God do amazing miracles within South East Asia, and are blessed He would share this vision with us.

It has been a blessing for us to join in supporting 3 orphanages and a training centre for people with disabilities.

Would you please pray for The South East Asian house churches and their Pastors and families, and if you feel lead we would like you to support us financially.