A testimonial from Hennie regarding the Rapture Kit.

Hennie: Hi Church family.

Tuesday last week I gave a Christmas present to my Boss (Peter) and our Sales Rep (James) as I was leaving. They are the only other two guys that work where I work. On the Christmas present I taped a “Rapture Kit” thumb drive and in the card I told them that “I care about them, hence the thumb drives”.

I went to work this morning. After telling me he wasn’t feeling well, I shared that neither was I. Then he thanked me for the thumb drive. He downloaded it on his PC and gave the thumb drive back to me. We had a short conversation about it. He said it made for interesting reading. I said it was vital information since we are living in the last days of world history. He agreed with me. He then sent me home even though I felt well enough to work (BTW: it’s nothing serious; just a bit of a stomach bug).

It was so encouraging to me. I am used to being flat out rejected when bringing up our faith and hope in Jesus. This was a refreshing change. I thought I would share the experience to encourage those who are a little “nervous” to give out the thumb drives. Whether they are received positively or negatively is irrelevant. God will use our faithfulness to His glory. I have 10 more thumb drives for Sunday underway.

All praise to King Jesus.